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Roller skates and shoes

Wherever you’re going, you can get there in style with our awesome roller skates and shoes.

We’ve got quad roller skates in loads of different styles, shapes and sizes. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a skating master, we can fit you out with the perfect roller shoes. Don’t forget to grab some protective pads.

If roller skates aren’t really your style, you can still have loads of rock and rolling fun with Heelys, the original trainers with wheels. Choose from two or one wheeled roller shoes, depending on your confidence levels. There are loads of colours and patterns to choose from as well, so wherever you go, you’ll be rolling along right on the cutting edge of style.

You can still look cool, even if you don’t fancy wheeling around. Check out our range of Neon Kyx, with LED lights in the soles; they let you take the party with you everywhere you go!