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Electronic pets

Have you always wanted to have a pet of your very own?

Electronic pets are the adorable interactive toys that you can play with and care for just like real animals! Chat, sing, and dance with your electronic pet – you even can teach cool tricks and give commands to some of these awesome pets.

The options are endless. Choose an interactive toy dog for your new loyal pal, or for a handful of fun, pick up a sweet Fingerling. Discover interactive elephants like Juno The Elephant, magical light-up unicorns, and even fearsome raptors and T-rex Fingerlings! For something a little cuddlier, check our Pitter Patter Pets, the electronic toy pets that love to snuggle. Or how about exploring the virtual world and finding your own personal pet with Tamagotchi!

Enjoy adventure after adventure with your interactive pets by your side. Introduce your new animal friend to the rest of your dolls and soft toys and enjoy fun friendship adventures with your whole group!